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Your Pond Portfolio - Upload and Standout

The Pond offers you the opportunity to improve your portfolio and creative pitch and get noticed by a huge range of clients across NZ & AUS, for the right freelance and contract bookings, at any time of year, any time of the day. The Pond’s website attracts over 5000 industry people per month looking for quality freelance creative talent.



From the moment your profile is live, you’ll radically enlarge your online presence. You’ll become a bigger fish in a smaller pond, enabling more potential employers from agencies, small businesses, and corporates to discover you easily.

There are no other talent agencies or recruiters out there that can promote creatives work online as extensively as we do. Our simple online tools are so easy to use and you can log in quickly and organize your work into a beautifully detailed portfolio.

All you’ve got to do is keep refreshing your projects and keep your portfolio and profile current.

We have our Creative Ambassadors who are here to give you excellent, free advice and guidance about getting the most out of your online presence on The Pond's website.

Here are three must-have ways to getting noticed on The Pond Website in 2016.

1. Pond Portfolio - Upload to Standout

Keeping your projects and portfolio up-to-date ensures you’ll be front and centre when new and existing clients are searching for the most suitable candidate. When you upload a new project you can promote it to the home page and to the inbox of 6 Pond Talent Agents. The Agents will then view the whole project and may seed it to over 200 clients they are touching base with daily.

When you add new projects, you lift the chance of featuring in weekly EDM’s which go out to a database of hundreds of high profile clients to view.

2. Your Profile.

Having a current well-written profile is essential, adding a personal summary that is concise and enticing for prospective employers, and having a strong list of skills, specialties, and qualifications is an easy way for the Talent Agents to get your foot in the door.

Consider what makes you unique as a freelancer, and be sure to convey this in all parts of your profile. Without re-writing Tolstoy’s War and Peace, your Pond profile is a case of the more detail and pitch, the better.

3. The Enquire Button!

The little blue button is proving to be more beneficial for our creatives than Hugh Heffner and his favoured little blue pill.

How is this possible you ask? With 50% of our online traffic new users, this functionality is proving to be an excellent way to direct enquiries into direct bookings.

Clients are hitting the button and are immediately get the low-down of you via one of our six Talent Agents. The enquiry comes through to them and then we come directly to you, and no one else, regardless of whether you’re busy or not. It’s just that simple.

So, get that profile representing the best of you and let The Pond do The rest. Put yourself out there and rub shoulders with other top creatives doing amazing work.

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