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Get the right person into your role, on the right visa

Sometimes New Zealand employers need visa assistance too – especially when they’re trying to get a skilled migrant into their company seamlessly and legally.

And the legal part is pretty important at a time like this – when you’re looking for talent who will bring new skills to your business, rather than add more problems. This is why you need a Licensed Immigration Consultant. The Pond happens to have a great one on board to assist with all your questions, give the right advice and secure the correct visa for your new employee.

Fiona O’Sullivan has been assisting The Pond’s clients and candidates with their visa needs since the beginning of 2018.

She’s helped legally secure permanent roles for packaging designers from France and account managers from the United Kingdom and supported various clients with a multitude of immigration-related employment issues along the way. And now, with the launch of our new visa & immigration service, we’ve made the alliance official. 

Whether you’re a company director or an HR person, you’ve probably got a fairly full schedule. No worries. It's Fiona's job to take this extra hassle off your hands.

She will advise you on the best option for you and the business and your new employee – whether that’s applying for an Essential Skills Work Visa, Skilled Migrant Visa, or Skilled Migrant Category Resident Visa. She will explain the application requirements and interact directly with Immigration New Zealand on your behalf.

That dreaded drawn-out process? Not so long and not so dreaded. Once all the documentation is provided, her aim is to have the application lodged within two weeks.

What to expect

Enlisting the help of a Licensed Immigration Consultant can make a notoriously painful experience much less so. Fiona can assist you with all aspects throughout the process, such as offering advice around the necessary documentation, as seen below. 

Documents needed:

  • Evidence of New Zealand based recruitment efforts
  • A job description 
  • A signed job offer
  • A signed employment agreement
  • A completed Immigration New Zealand form 

Points to note: 

  • The job offer must be genuine, sustainable, full-time and permanent
  • The salary must not be less than the market rate in New Zealand - a minimum of $55,000
  • The Employment Agreement should contain a full job description, and it needs to comply with the statutory requirements of our country's employment law
  • You must provide evidence that you've made genuine attempts to attract and recruit a New Zealand citizen or Resident Visa holder before offering the role to a migrant. The Pond can help with this by first undertaking a recruitment search for you locally, then providing evidence that there is a skill shortage for the role you want to fill, should this turn out to be the case. 

To find out more email: [email protected] with a brief overview of your employee situation, their visa status, and future career plans in your business or call 09 3733791 to talk to a Pond Agent.

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