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We do recruitment better – and have the facts to prove it

We shake the recruitment tree every day – and, surprise surprise, we get better results than our competitors. We’re committed to finding the best creative, digital, and marketing talent in the industry and the results speak for themselves.

4.2 Years News Article

The Pond recruits stick around longer - 4.2 years

We’re so good at finding the perfect fit, that the people we place in their dream jobs hang around for longer. A lot longer in fact. Since we started in 2006, our full-time placements have stayed in their roles an average of 4.2 years (amazing what some data mining on LinkedIn can highlight).

We work faster – and harder

We can find and place premium talent that will fit seamlessly with your business inside a tight, four-week turnaround – and still deliver a better quality outcome than our competitors. We do this by vetting our candidates more thoroughly through many hours of research, quality interviews, acquisition programmes, and background checks. Following this, we end up with 14 viable candidates (on average) for every full-time position advertised and then whittle them down to just three people we’re sure will fill your position perfectly.

We throw more agent resource at your recruitment briefs

Unless you’re a super-duper special client, most recruiters will do the direct chat with you on the phone and then pass your requests on to an overworked minion. We do it better. We have two agents working together across each client, dedicated to filling full-time positions and freelance engagements with top talent. This model enables us to build a deeper understanding of your business, more effectively target your needs, and present only the talent that truly fits your brief.

We get it right 9 out of 10 ten times

The fact is, since January 2016, 90% of the talent we have placed in their dream full-time positions are still working in those roles. That’s almost two years and counting.

You get what you pay for

Most recruiters in our industry now charge a low 10%, but The Pond charges 15%. Why the extra 5%? You get what you pay for. If you think recruiting the best people that have the skills and experience to drive your business forward and will fit your business culture perfectly is easy-peasy, then stick with your current recruiter. If you want best people to bring you the best results, talk to us.

Talk to us now about your recruitment needs for 2017/2018 so we can get busy, find you the perfect new star employee, and line them up to hit the ground.

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