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Beth Pond Profile
Mac Operator / Graphic Designer
8-12 years Experience
Tauranga, Wellington, Christchurch

Represented: 23/03/17

Evoke Wall Art Product, Branding and Website Design

About Project

Evoke Wall Art was born out of a desire to inspire others with uplifting quotes and messages of wellness.
Combining graphic imagery, illustrations and typography in interesting ways to create more than 35 products in 7 collections. They are available in 2-3 different sizes.

I designed the artwork, branding, website and styled the photos for the product photography.
As well as developing the brand strategy and website for Evoke Wall Art I coordinated the photoshoot for the products and was responsible for styling the photo shoot.

All the materials and props were sourced and styled by me for the photoshoot.


Home & Living


Styling, Typography, Websites


Evoke Wall Art

Content image #1
Wellness Collection
Content image #2
Productivity Collection
Content image #3
Positivity Collection
Content image #4
Teens Collection
Content image #5
Children's Collection
Content image #6
Love Collection
Content image #7
Content image #8

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