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12 Plus years Experience

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My creative career proves Charles Darwin’s theory of evolution.

I started out umpteen years ago in Canada as an ice hockey columnist (I’m a Canuck cliche, eh!) and my last "big budget" project was launching Google’s Android Pay to four million people. I’ve marketed higher education and plastic surgery, I’ve programmed a very expensive four-foot-tall robot named Pepper, and I’ve spent the last six years working in an internal ad agency in a bank. (Want to prove your creative prowess? Make people care about banking.) Needless to say, my experience runs the gamut.

Today, my passion is branding, creative strategy and concepting. I love a good brainstorm and storyboarding session, and I thrive on leading a team of creatives to see ideas come into fruition. Want my thoughts on UX or CX? I'll happily oblige. And while I do love digging into some juicy long-form writing like annual reports, editorials or white papers, working with a creative partner and finding unexpected ways to reach business goals - that’s what gets me out of bed in the morning.

When I’m not obsessing over a pun or pitch or media plan, I like to travel and engage in my love-hate relationship with running. I’ve lived on four continents, can speak really poor Korean, and if you ask nicely, I can tell you what it’s like to ditch everything and travel the world for a year with a four-year-old.

All that to say, my dreams of having my name etched on the Stanley Cup may be dashed, but I don’t regret the evolution of my career for a second.


Branding Concepting Content Copywriting Creative Direction Digital Copywriting Direct Mail Editing Editorial Interviewing

I'm best known for...

Winning a best-in-show copywriting award with only two words; always finding ways to get things done; my sense of humour

Recent Employment

Associate Creative Director / 2015-2017 / ATB Financial

Senior Creative Manager and Writer / 2013-2015 / ATB Financial

Senior Writer / 2011-2013 / ATB Financial

Mediums I know well

Cinema Pre-roll
Social Media

Honours & awards

Recent awards:
Anvil Award 2016
Broadcast series

ACE Award 2016
Broadcast series
Advertising campaign
Annual report

ACE Award 2015
Print single
Best-in-show copywriting


Bachelor of Arts (English)

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