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Visa & Immigration Consultant (Licensed)

Fiona is our Immigration Consultant. But she’s not just any Immigration Consultant, she’s been fully licensed by the Immigration Advisers Authority. This is pretty important when you’re looking to stay on the right side of the law – and if you’re applying for the right to work in a new country, this is probably one of those times.

But people who are already New Zealand citizens can need immigration assistance too – particularly when they’re on the other side of the scenario, trying to get a skilled migrant on their payroll seamlessly and legally.

Fiona can guide both candidates and clients through the process of obtaining an Essential Skills Work Visa, a Skilled Migrant Visa, or a Skilled Migrant Category Resident Visa – after advising you on which option is best suited to your particular situation.

Besides holding her IAA Licence and a Graduate Certificate in Immigration Advice, Fiona is enrolled as a Solicitor with the Law Society of Ireland and as a Barrister and Solicitor of the High Court of New Zealand. Which all sounds very serious, doesn’t it? Because it seriously is.

But Fiona is also a fan of freewheeling fun, climbing on her bike whenever she gets the chance. “I think all the things you loved as a teenager are just waiting for you to fall in love with again,” she says.

But the early riser – “I freak visitors out making coffee at 4.30am!” – loves what she does within working hours, just as much as she loves the things she does out of them. “I find the work I do very satisfying,” she says. “Most immigrants are in the process of bettering their lives. It’s really nice to be able to assist them and to be a part of that.”

This daughter of an Irish immigrant has quite a bit of personal experience in her field of choice too. “I spent 18 years working and living in Europe, so I understand in a very real way the highs and lows of the immigration journey,” she says. “And my husband and two sons are French, so literally all my favourite people are immigrants! 

My Creative Side

Getting on her bike and falling in love with all the things she loved as a teenager

Best Known For

Freaking visitors out by making coffee at 4.30am

Passionate About

Immigration of course :)


Locations: Auckland, Christchurch, Dunedin, Hamilton, Rotorua, Tauranga, Wellington

Email: immigration@thepond.co.nz

Contact Phone Number: +64 9 373 3791

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Posted at 5:41pm 23/10/18

Talk to me about Visa & Immigration services at The Pond

I've been assisting The Pond's clients and candidates with their immigration needs since the beginning of 2018. Get in touch with your Talent Agent for more info on how I can help you today! 

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