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5 reasons you should hire a freelance contractor

Freelance contractors have never been more in fashion than right now, with Covid still wreaking havoc on countries and the global economy, companies are trying to find ways to survive the ongoing recession. This sadly means that they’ve had to let go of their full-time staff as they restructure the business to adapt to a new economic landscape. 

So, what do you do when projects start up again but can’t afford to hire a new full-time employee? Well, freelance contractors are the way to go and here are 5 reasons why you should.

Pay only for the exact hours worked 

With your full-time employees, you have to pay them a yearly salary irrespective of whether there is enough projects or work in the pipeline. This means that during lean times it becomes hard to justify paying a large salary.  

Freelancers, on the other hand, can be paid for the exact hours that they have worked. Freelancers are available to be booked on an hourly, daily or weekly rate and depending on the duration. This means that the rate can be up for negotiation. 

Forget about overhead costs

Having full-time employees means that you have to pay employment costs on top of their salary - things like ACC Levies, Kiwisaver, Tax etc. With a freelancer, this is not something that you need to worry about since legally the contractor is required to cover these costs. Even though you might be paying a bit more for your freelancer than an employee at the same level, in the long run, you will be saving on business costs. 

Get easy access to new ways of thinking 

Freelancers often have a vast range of experience having worked with different companies across a variety of industries during their career. This often means that they have been exposed to a different way of working, thinking and problem-solving – all qualities that you want to have to make that project is exceptional.

This will also lead to innovation and your existing staff learning from the freelancer on the industry best standards and best practice. 

Access to specialised skills 

Got a project that requires specialised skills? But can’t justify hiring a full-time employee for it? That’s where a freelancer can help. With a freelancer, you instantly have access to top talent that have specialist skills required for a project and you don’t even have to go through the expensive feat of recruiting and training a person. 

Over the years we’ve seen client requesting specialist skills like a Marketing Automation Specialist that has experience working with Adobe Campaigns or a Full Stack Developer with experience building microsites and internal databases. When we provide these niche specialist, they hit the ground running to get the project off the ground and clients know that they are in the safe hands of an expert in the field. 


Full-time employees may have qualms about working those extra hours or over weekends to complete the job since they are not paid for overtime. They also may not have the ability or set up to work remotely from home.  

On the flipside, freelancers are happy to work over the weekend or during odd hours as this is their style of working. They also have an office set up precisely for this purpose, meaning they can work onsite or offsite depending on the brief and time frame agreed.  

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