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Pond Client Giveaway: Sweet start to the year!

Let's kick off the year with a bit of fun. Free donuts for freelance bookings!

Tell us about a time someone offered you a donut and you said no? That’s right, you didn’t. Here's an opportunity to continue that trend.



Simply book freelance talent from The Pond till the end of January and you will receive a dozen donuts!

Yes, you read that correctly. Up until 6 pm, Wednesday 31st January, every new freelance booking (min one day / eight hours) will receive a dozen of Doornuts delicious donuts.

Confirm your booking, and we will send the Donuteers to deliver the dozen to your office the following day.

So, what are you waiting for? Inject a bit of glucose and avoid the 4 pm crash, or divulge at your 10 am WIP – your staff will be delighted either way.

If you overindulged at Xmas, then at least your project will look good thanks to our pool of 500+ premium creative, digital and marketing talent.

Send your doughy talent brief today:

Leighton Howl - 021 702 573 - Email
Will Gregory - 022 638 7279 - Email
Penny Gambitsis - 021 218 80712 - Email
Brooke Telford - 021 110 2392 - Email
Lorna Denholm - 022 498 2363 - Email

Disclaimer: To our clients outside of Auckland, your donuts will be sourced from local, delicious providers

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