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Do you need to change the story you’re telling your customers?

The good news is, we can help with that. The Pond Recruitment & Talent Management Agency represents a group of NZ’s most talented writers and content professionals, those who understand the power of words and the science behind stories that sell.

What you do and how you do it may have changed dramatically over the last couple of months. We don’t need to mention the C-word but you know what we're talking about. Now, more than ever, companies are reinventing and repositioning the stories they tell.

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Call them what you will — copywriters, content marketers, storytellers or wordsmiths — writers and the words they use help change perceptions and how your business or brand is perceived.

We have seen unprecedented demand from our Corporate, Govt & SME clients, wanting to engage our top contract writers to update their services, reposition their offer, lift their marketing game, or get busy creating blogs, articles, opinion pieces, press releases, internal comms, case studies, white papers and all the other stuff that a capable writer can do for them.

For most of us, writing is a struggle. If you’ve never worked with a professional writer, you will be amazed at the difference some well-crafted copy can make to the message you’re putting out there. Writers can make your brand, product or service sound better/smarter/sexier, and in a fraction of the time, it takes most of us mere mortals.

Here are just a few of the things a writer can do:

  • Craft email marketing that your subscribers will read to the end and more importantly, take action.
  • Make your website copy sing and a press release hum.
  • B2B marketing communications that cleverly articulate your businesses products or services
  • Social media posts are an ideal way for companies to position themselves as thought leaders and generate more leads.
  • Internal communications projects that hit right at the heart and drive tangible engagement and results.

 If you want to take action and work with a writer who can help you change the story you tell, The Pond's got you covered.

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