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First Time Freelancer? How The Pond can help you make the transition

Are you thinking of taking the next step in your career and considering freelancing as an option? Here's how The Pond can help...

Marketing yourself – You’re still your own recruiter so having a personal brand and online presence is important. However to make this easier, and connect you to more clients, The Pond will set you up with a profile on our website available for all our current and future clients to see. Freelancers who join as pro members are actively promoted via email marketing and LinkedIn, pitching them, their skills and portfolio of work to our 2,500 clients. More often than not this leads to a direct booking! 

How do I work out a rate? Rates are one of those things people don’t like talking about. Luckily we do. When you come in to interview with our agents we will discuss a freelance rate with you, that works for you, we take into account a number of factors such as your level, previous salary, how niche/in demand your skills are, and the type of work you want to do.

How do I get paid?  Another thing you really don’t have to worry about. As you’re paid by us we follow up with our clients to ensure you’re getting paid on time, every time.

But what about tax? If you’re registered as a Sole Trader, we’ll pay your withholding tax to the IRD. Simple.

The Pond wants to give you the freedom to be focused on delivering your best work for clients, so we’ll take care of all that ‘other’ stuff. 

If you're interested in Freelancing opportunities at The Pond register your interest here today! 

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