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Returning Kiwis and why you should hire them

Over the last couple of months, we have seen a large influx of Kiwis returning home, escaping from the coronavirus carnage happening around the world to come to the relatively safe haven that is New Zealand. Some started their job search in NZ while they were overseas, others have just hit the job market and are starting to look for their next role after quarantine.  

These individuals have unique abilities that they can contribute to any agency or corporate business. Here are a few reasons why you should consider hiring them:

  1. They often become specialists in their fields of expertise as international companies commit to training their staff for specific role functions. This allows them to have in-depth knowledge in their specialist fields. 

  2. In the UK and Europe (a popular destination for Kiwis doing their OE), much of the business landscape is dominated by medium to large enterprises and most of them are some of the world’s most innovative and fastest-growing companies. This exposes them to new ideas and ways of thinking. 

  3. Moving countries requires a high level of adaptability and taking the jump into the unknown. Expats end up having to work hard to prove themselves, be adaptable and show their dedication and commitment.

  4. Initially, many returning expats move to the regions to spend time with their families, but eventually, their goal is to move to the centres to find work. During this period there is a real opportunity for regional business to take advantage of top talent and attract these highly talented individuals. 

  5. Having lived in a different country and culture, it shows their ability to push themselves out of their comfort zone, adapt quickly and be flexible in a changing and fast-paced environment.  

If you are looking for fresh new full-time candidates with international experience, we have them! The Pond has interviewed many returning kiwis across creative, digital and marketing looking for their next opportunity. 

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