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The True Value Of Recruitment Can Be Measured In Sweat

Recruitment can be incredibly hard work. It takes more hard work than you might think to find the perfect person for your role.

Whether you’re going for broke with multiple hires or just looking for that one very special person, it’s important to understand the true scale of what it takes to drive a successful recruitment campaign.

The Pond Recruitment Agency is all about securing talent that can transform your business, brand, and team – but that doesn’t mean it’s a walk in the park. Seriously, it’s not just about sticking a lazy ad up online and waiting for the perfect candidate to walk through the door! It takes time, investment, an acquisition strategy and hours of bloody hard work to find the right people who will make an impact and drive your business forward.

“Here at The Pond we run a tight, four-week recruitment process – and it’s almost like a SAS operation behind the scenes,” says Will Gregory, Sales Director for The Pond’s Corporate Business Team.


“We try to make the process super-easy for our clients and candidates. We get the job done for both parties, no fuss, no stress, clear communications with concise information. But behind the scenes it’s a different story. It’s like a full-blown military operation!”

Frankly, it needs to be to handle the tidal wave of applicant phone calls, emails, interviews, and general communications required for every recruit.

“When you break it all down, it’s actually frightening how much work goes into finding the perfect person for even just a single role, let alone building a critical team,” says Will.

Take a recent example: The Pond was appointed by a leading NZ enterprise to recruit a GM-level marketing role. A total of 188 candidates applied: 138 from NZ, with the balance from Australia, UK, South Africa, Ireland, and the US.

“Over four weeks, we executed 33 initial phone screening interviews, 18 quarter-hour phone interviews, and 9 in-depth interviews just to whittle it down to the very best three candidates. Whew!” says Will.

But it doesn’t end there. There are several other time-consuming tactics that The Pond uses in conjunction with the main recruitment processes. There are ‘round table’ workshops where the wider Pond recruitment agent team meets and works through individual and collective talent pools. There are strategic EDM blasts to our database of over 5,000 career professionals. Not to mention the one-to-one headhunting that goes on for the senior-level roles.

And, all of this happens before candidates are progressed and managed through a series of client interviews, practical assessments, psychometric testing, reference checks, contract negotiations, and signing.

“We do all the heavy lifting so you can put your energy and your time where it’s needed most: embedding new talent, training, professional development, and really taking your people on a career journey.”


It’s easy to underestimate the hard work that goes into securing top talent. Recruitment is a skill, even an art. Finding and securing the very best industry professionals is bloody hard work, but the proof of the pudding is in the results: permanent roles recruited by The Pond stay in their positions for 4.1 years on average. That’s streets ahead of the rest of the market. 

So, if you’re looking to secure top talent for a role, or build a team of industry-leading talent, talk to The Pond about it. We’ll be happy to do the real hard work, advise and guide you, eliminate your recruitment headaches, and help you find the people who will make a real impact on your business – and of course stick




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