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The Pond's Election Bribe

The long road to elections is littered with broken promises but rejoice in knowing there is at least one promise that will actually be kept. 

Our bribe, er, promise is this..

Book talent with us between now and Election Day and you will receive a $50 bottle of Martinborough’s finest Pinot Noir to enjoy on Election Night. 

Yeap, that's on record, up until 6 pm next Friday, every new freelance booking or extension will receive a bottle of the best. Yes, that even means 3 bookings will net you 3 bottles. Hell, you could book an entire studio and throw an election party… our pool of 500+ premium creative and digital talent is your limit.
In this day and age it’s all about the I’ll scratch yours if you scratch mine mentality - we’re just here and happy to supply the liquor to fuel your politics-infused celebration or commiseration. 
Raise a toast with it or smash it, you will still have the best freelance talent on standby come Monday.

Let's book...

Leighton - 021 702 573

Will - 022 638 7279

Penny - 027 351 6211

Celine - 021 880 712

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