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Free donuts for freelance bookings this winter

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Get ready to overindulge this winter! 

Winter is here, and with the nights getting darker, you're probably thinking there's not much to look forward to for the next few months well we're here to tell you that you are wrong!

Tell us about a time someone offered you a donut and you said no? That’s right, you didn’t. Here's an opportunity to continue that trend.

Simply book freelance or contract talent from The Pond until the end of June and you will receive a dozen donuts!

Yes, you read that correctly. Up until 6 pm, Friday 28th June, every new freelance booking (min one day / eight hours) will receive a dozen of Doornuts delicious donuts.

Confirm your booking, and we will send the Donuteers to deliver the dozen to your office the following day.

So, what are you waiting for? Inject a bit of glucose and avoid the 4 pm crash, or divulge at your 10 am WIP – your staff will be delighted either way.

If you're ready to overindulge this winter, your project will look even better thanks to our pool of 500+ premium creative, digital and marketing talent.

Time to get a coffee in one hand, and a donut in the other.

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