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UX Homegrown: Conference in Auckland, 21st July

If you are involved in UX in any way, you’ll want to throw on your winter parka this weekend and make your way down to the UX Homegrown conference in Auckland on 21st July. 




A young addition to the events scene, this indie conference makes its name by standing out from design conferences Webstock and Semi Permanent, as well as events such as Gather and UXNZ, in its approach and format. Whereas other symposiums in the industry have tended toward highlighting star speakers from overseas, or balk at the conference format altogether, UX Homegrown is community curated and (as its name might suggest) turns the spotlight on NZ’s own local superstars. 

Speakers submit talk proposals and the community provides feedback on what they find compelling and what they’d like to learn more about. The result is a community-driven event showcasing unique stories that seeks to raise the level of UX practice and discussion in the country. 

Organised by Matt Gould, Emma Pittar, and Gerbrand van Melle, it is a true labor of love. Inspired by the outcomes driven by the submission-based conference UX Australia, the organisers spent years trying to talk others into starting one in NZ… and then realised they’d just have to start it themselves. 

Working outside of their full-time jobs, everything has been considered to make the day a great experience:  from coordinating good food and coffee to the music playlist to link it all together. 

Expect over 20 talks and workshops focusing on UX practice within the context of NZ to be featured in the one day conference. There is also a warm-up event featuring 3 pre-conference talks the evening prior on 20th July. 

Come support and connect with your fellow colleagues and gain some valuable insights you can take into your own UX practice. There’ll be something for everyone in the UX realm - whether you’re a UX designer or researcher, product owner or product designer, graphic designer or developer. 

To learn more and purchase tickets: http://uxhomegrown.co.nz/

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