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Copywriter / Creative Director
8-12 years Experience

Represented: 06/07/17


A little over 13 years ago, I found myself inside Auckland's Publicis Mojo agency in a quest to utilise their office space and equipment to write and edit a then fledgling magazine that I was making at the time. Whilst there, I noticed the free bar and beautiful girls wandering around. Instantly I knew I had to work in advertising.


One brazen impromptu email to the Creative Director later and I was clocking-in there the following Monday – paid entirely in toast, tea and beer. Within my first month I had a full campaign under my belt, and within my first year I was relaxing in the sun at Cannes, shortlisted in the Integrated/Titanium category.


I love to be a part of the process from conceptualising all the way through to completion – regardless of whether it’s a corporate client or one that wants to rock the boat, I truly enjoy writing everything from headlines to long copy and everything in between. I have a real passion for big ideas that can naturally evolve over all mediums without being forced onto the consumer, and I love to create campaigns that people actually want to feel like they are part of.


I can work efficiently alone, with a partner, or in a team – and get on with everyone apart from uncharismatic serial killers.


Above all I believe the creative process should be fun, as I find this always generates the best and biggest ideas possible.


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I'm best known for...

I truly believe in engaging the consumer through something they actually want to be a part of, or simply enjoy reading. This usually spawns from a big all-encompassing idea that can easily and organically work across any medium, regardless of the product or budget.

Industries I know well

Television shows/channels, FMCG, car brands, electronics, charity, entertainment and extreme sports

Mediums I know well

I like to work across all mediums and believe the campaign should dictate the mediums rather than the other way round. Whilst some ideas are best told with a story through standard mediums such as TVCs and radio ads, others may be better showcased with an online event, a party, an app, street art, or well... absolutely anything. I like to mix things up to make each campaign work as fresh and as great as it possibly can.

Honours & awards

Cannes: Titanium/Integrated finalists

Award: Gold

Award: Integrated Silver

Award: Silver

RSVP: 'Shoestring budget' - Gold

RSVP Craft: 'Most Innovative Campaign' - Overall Winner

Axis: Silvers and Bronzes

Admedia: Billboard of the Year

Effies: Golds / Silvers

New Zealand singles chart: Christmas Number 1


Berkshire College of Art & Design / 1993 - 1996

City & Guilds diploma in Graphic Design and PrePress

Reading, Berkshire, England



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