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Timely - Brand Book

About Project

Consultancy • Project management • Creative direction

Timely is a software company that specialises in appointment booking software. Over the past year, it has been in the process of repositioning itself to cater for the beauty sectors.

Following on from an advertising campaign I produced for Timely, I was commissioned in June 2018 to work alongside their creative director to produce the brand’s first set of brand guidelines.

As an external consultant, developing and producing the guidelines, I had one core aim for the project; the widespread and easy adoption of the guidelines once I was no longer embedded within the team. To do this, I sought to minimise the content that would be included, for simplicity of use beyond the design team. I also ensured that stakeholders across the business were consulted and included. This was of particular importance during discussions of colour and iconography; elements that may make their way across to the product in the future. As a result, I commissioned a workshop that saw the lead product and brand designers collaborating on a palette that would have flexibility and continuity.

The guidelines were produced to be a look to the future of Timely’s brand. This was achieved through the creation of imagery, textures and iconography that will become integrated within the marketing communications as the brand gradually repositions over the coming months.




Creative Direction



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