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Represented: 01/03/19

Product Design - Short Scale Bass Guitar

About Project

Collaborating with Binford Luthiery in Onehunga, I had the pleasure of designing this short scale bass guitar. It has been conceived to be a versatile instrument so that it can be used in almost any kind of musical setting, be it a rock or pop band, ukulele group or church worship group. The body is made of a cap of triple A maple on top of mahogany with a maple neck and ebony fretboard.




3D Modelling, Concept, Design


Binford Luthiery - Deology Studios


Trevor Binford, David Gianotti

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The electronics utilise a powered pre-amp requiring an 18 volt power supply. Owing to space restraints, I designed a compact solution by CAD modelling and 3D printing a battery holder that houses 6 x 3v button batteries. It's form factor and use of the terminals from a 9 volt battery means it retro-fits a standard 9 volt battery clip while delivering 18 volts of power. The cost of the 6 batteries is equivalent to the cost of 2 standard 9 volt batteries while lasting about twice as long under average use.

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