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Copywriter / Journalist
12 Plus years Experience
Auckland, Melbourne, Christchurch, Dunedin, Hamilton, New Plymouth, Tauranga, Wellington

Represented: 17/07/17


I’m like:


Literally, like, not a person who talks like this so you can keep on reading. I’m actually a very respectable journalist, a very trashy sub-editor and whatever kind of copywriter you’d like me to be. Usually you'd like me to be the digital kind, but hey, I can handwrite a scroll to be presented to Parliament if that's what you need done. I mean, that sounds kind of fun.


I like writing different things on different days just for the differentness of it. Last week it was a Facebook ad for an allergy clinic, blogs for AMI Insurance and headlines for Woman’s Day. And every so often at 11.27pm on a Sunday night I like to update my Pond profile too.


I could go on, but you should just go have look through my work instead. I sell all kinds of things better than I sell myself.


I think?


Advertising AdWords Banners Blogging Brand Development Concepting Content Content Strategy Copywriting Digital Copywriting


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Industries I know well

I’ve made ads for everything from banks to Amnesty International. And I've written on everything from peak oil, to the pure joy of the just-right hangover.

Honours & awards

I won some awards when I was in full-time advertising. But I won some AWARDS when I was a pre-teen lip-syncher.


I’ve got an Honours Degree in English from the University of Waikato, a Diploma in Creative Advertising from AXIS Adschool and a Diploma in Journalism from NZIBS. I also have a Certificate in DJing and Electronic Music Production from MAINZ – because what’s writing without music? A sad line of crying emojis.

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