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Copywriter / Writer
12 Plus years Experience
Auckland, Wellington, Hamilton, Tauranga

Represented: 17/07/17


I’m like…


Literally, like, not even gonna keep talking like this so don’t even worry. My name is Gena and I’m a digital content editor, copywriter, journalist, editor and sub-editor – but you can call me "a writer" for short.


I’ve written for heaps of magazines and ad agencies, but my best work has appeared in several apps ending in "chat". I’ve done some good ad stuff for Facebook and Instagram too though, and lots of micro-vid scripts, banners and overlays for YouTube. I’ve also been behind a whole lot of offline ads, essays, stories and columns – including being the Gena in the rhetorically titled “Keen as Gena?” (Next magazine).


But that's enough of all this “I” stuff. Though the person internally known as me would like to sign off in a traditional way, so:


Sincerely, kind regards and lots of love.



Concepting Content Copywriting Editing Ideation Journalism Research Script Writing Social Media Writing


InDesign CC Microsoft Word

Industries I know well

I’ve visited most corners of the commercial matrix, creating ads for everything from banks to Amnesty International. And I've written on subjects ranging from the environmental effects of overpopulation, through to the pure joy of a perfect hangover.

Honours & awards

I won some awards when I was in fulltime advertising. But I won some AWARDS when I was a child lip-syncher.


I’ve got an Honours Degree in English from the University of Waikato, a Diploma in Creative Advertising from AXIS Adschool and a Diploma in Journalism from NZIBS. I also have a Certificate in DJing and Electronic Music Production from MAINZ – because what’s writing without music? A perfectly formed line of crying emojis.

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