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Copywriter / Digital Writer
8-12 years Experience
Auckland, Christchurch, Wellington

Represented: 31/07/17


Hello. I’m Jamie, it’s nice to meet you. We’ve probably never met before so I’ll tell you a little about myself. I make advertising.

I'm a copywriter, creative director, digital designer and motion designer.

I like to think strategically. Good advertising informs consumers, it gives them a reason to do something, to think something, to feel something about a brand (urgh, that sounded really cliche... moving on.)

I try to write in a way that makes things easy for consumers to grasp an idea. Having a really smart idea is great, but having a really smart idea that nobody gets is not so great. That's not to say that advertising shouldn't be thought provoking or provide people with a moment of realisation, but a consumer should be able to understand the idea you're communicating quickly and without an unreasonable amount of prior knowledge.

When I develop ideas I like to scamp things first. I'm not a great sketch artist but that probably works in my favour, I think if you can't communicate something with a simple pencil sketch then you won't communicate it with eight hours work on a mac.

I like to create ads for all different channels. I've probably written an uncountable number of radio ads in my time, made some great TVCs, run some great print and outdoor campaigns and I love experimenting with this internet thing people are always going on about. I think the medium can be a great way to explore a creative idea - a print campaign lends itself to a great headline and long copy, a digital campaign adds something different with HTML5 animation and interaction and an outdoor campaign forces you to condense an idea down to something that can be communicated quickly and visually. In the end, it's all about communicating ideas and using the channels in a way that stands out, that engages, that informs and persuades.

I like working with teams, it's always great to have people to bounce ideas off. Check out my work and if you like what you see and want to work together give the guys at The Pond a call. Looking forward to meeting you.


Acrobat X Pro Adobe Creative Cloud After Effects Canon 7D Camera-Filming Film & Production Software Final Cut Pro Illustrator InDesign MS Word Photoshop

I'm best known for...

My charming wit, wicked sense of humour, dashing good looks and inspiring modesty... also, probably a bunch of commercials I worked on for Hellers.

Industries I know well

Food and Beverage
Agriculture and Farming

Mediums I know well



BBS Majoring in Marketing and Minoring in Media (film)

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