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Copywriter / Creative Director
8-12 years Experience
Auckland, Christchurch, Wellington

Represented: 31/07/17


I’m Jamie Patterson and I like words. Words are like magic sometimes, they have the power to conjure or create, to flatter or offend, to aid or to oppress. How we use words is important, which words we choose to employ and the order in which we put them. I like ideas, because ideas can be powerful. Ideas can excite people or unite people, ideas can change a moment or change the world. With great ideas and the right words, we can do just about anything.


For almost ten years now people have been paying me for my words and ideas. I write advertising, but more than that I create advertising ideas. I write social media snippets and packaging copy. I write words for people, I think about how they will react.


I worked in Christchurch advertising agencies for a number of years before moving to Auckland in late 2017. I work with Art Directors and occasionally I Art Direct. I direct photography, I scamp billboards and print ads, I write TVC scripts and develop digital campaigns. I consider where advertising exists and how people will engage with it, I influence thinking and try to create ideas that are memorable at worst and remarkable at best.


In Christchurch I worked on campaigns for Heller’s, Tait Communications, Versatile Buildings, Totalspan, Swandri, Kiwi Bacon, Fonterra, Santa Rosa Chicken, Nissan and Ngai Tahu Tourism. In Auckland I’ve worked on campaigns for GEM Visa, Coke, Rinnai, Nando’s, Cure Kids, MetLifeCare, AIA Insurance, Audi, KFC, James Hardie, Bobux, Haagen-Dazs and MIT to name a few.


Someone once told me that to be a great copywriter you should know a lot of big words and use them as little as possible... so I’ll stop talking now.


I hope you enjoy my words and ideas.


Advertising Art Direction Concepting Copywriting Digital Design Digital Writing Motion Graphics Design Production Strategy


Acrobat X Pro After Effects CC Final Cut Pro X Illustrator CC InDesign CC Microsoft Word Photoshop CC Premiere Pro CC

I'm best known for...

My charming wit, wicked sense of humour, dashing good looks and inspiring modesty... also, probably a bunch of commercials I worked on for Hellers.

Industries I know well

Food and Beverage
Agriculture and Farming

Mediums I know well


Honours & awards

TVNZ NZ Marketing Awards Category Winner (x2) - Tait Communications
Best Awards - Multiple nominations and awards



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