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Graphic Designer / Illustrator
0-4 years Experience
Auckland, Wellington, Hamilton, Tauranga

Represented: 12/08/19

Blush Gin

About Project

Rhubarb, juniper berries, gin — natural, unique, New Zealand; I needed no better inspiration to create a product that is so aligned with everything I love! It’s also fun, elegant and sassy.
Working with the genius team, Elliot and Chris, has been incredible. There are no boundaries, everything is possible…all I had to do was turn their dream into a reality. They wanted to bring to life the good time Gin.

My vision was to design something that stood out on the shelf and represented the uniqueness of this product.

Gin is trending globally right now, which made it all the more important to create a product that was on the money. In a world where the visual aesthetic is paramount, I made damn sure this bottle looked as good on the shelf as this drink does in the glass.

We knew we had to inspire traditional gin drinkers to try out this small batch, locally distilled product and convert them. The elegance of the design, combined with the unique colour, captures the essence of all Blush Gin represents.




Brand Identity, Illustration, Packaging

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