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Illustrator / Graphic Designer
8-12 years Experience
Auckland, Wellington

Represented: 06/08/15

Murray Ball Tribute

About Project

A little self-initiated project.

This man was the reason I became an illustrator. I'm one of the many kids who grew up drawing Dog in the margins of their English 1B5s and sketchbooks. I've a near complete collection of trade paperbacks, weekend collections, desk calendars, a soft toy Dog, coasters, place mats and least of all - a signed compendium. Safe to say I really drunk the Coolaid. To learn this man created all this just over the hill from my childhood house blew my mind, I never thought you could earn a living drawing - let alone a worldwide reach from little ol' Gisborne. Heartfelt thoughts with Pam, and his family X


Self Promotion


Digital Design, Illustration



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