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Veepa - Virtual Reality Risk Assessment Test

About Project

What if we can identify which one of your employees may be high-risk for your organisation? Veepa is a new BASICS Venture I've founded in 2018. A new approach to enhance organisation’s preventive safety culture.

In 2018 I created a cutting-edge solution for Safety Leaders & Organisations; the first Mobile and VR Health & Safety Employee Risk Assessment tool to help understand the organisation's people. 
Transform safety culture and reduce risk.


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Basics Digital

A new approach to enhance organisation’s preventive safety culture.

For over 2 years, I've used my experience in lean startup, rapid product prototyping, market validation, customer experience and VC to ideated, designed and fund a trusted solution to help companies be preventive and get people home safe.

With Veepa VR technology you do more than training people. You help them to get home safe and sound, and so it has to be affordable and accessible for everyone.

And the business? Decrease incidents, foster a safety culture ingrained in the DNA of an organisation, meet the individual needs of workers, and save money.

Veepa combines VR and mobile technology with a proven scientific method to investigate and identify people with LOW LEVEL of resilience, change risk-taking behaviours, increase knowledge retention and decrease human errors and incidents.

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How does it work? The Customer Experience was designed to make this product mobile, scalable and affordable; The first step of the journey starts when every member of your team download our mobile app and complete the 10-15 minutes Self-Virtual Reality Resilience Assessment.

It’s hands-free, intuitive and allows Veepa’s intelligent software to measure 6 participants’ personality traits that are directly correlated to employee safety. And while they improve their behaviours, 
 we learn about the culture & leadership.

It also captures behavioural 
 data in real-time such as:

- Risk assessment,

- Task prioritisation,

- Problem-solving,

- Decision making and

- 4th Dimension: Time + Context

Once the VR Resilience Assessment is finalised, Veepa’s software will instantly perform a diagnosis, and the most amazing online dashboard will show you participant’s profiles with the performance score and critical personality traits directly connected to risk tolerance and unsafe behaviours. So you can quickly and easily see where your business suffers higher risks and needs to improve

Veepa’s VR assessment was designed to deliver insights to employees, supervisors, managers and foremen to improve hiring, coaching and training. And Increasing knowledge retention by changing behaviours with more effective, modern and tailored training methods.

At Veepa We’re keen to talk safety culture and get people back home safer.

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