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Thomas 100615
Illustrator / Storyboard Artist
4-8 years Experience
Auckland, Wellington, Sydney

Represented: 30/01/15

children's book illustration- Stop jumpping on the couch

About Project

This is a children’s book I worked on last year, with an amazing musician Mr. Damon J Ropata

I worked the illustration of his sing-along book " Stop Jumping On The Couch"

It was great fun to work on this book. I had a chance to try out some new things I always want to do. Which is to try to make my work less digital, and more handcrafted. Hope that make scenes :)

You can buy the book or hear the song on this website: https://stopjumpingonthecouch.com/

Also, Everything is been copyright “no picture or wording can be used unless you have written permission from the author”




Illustration, Storyboard


Damon John Ropata

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