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Unconditional Skincare

About Project

Everything, from the brand’s name to the tone of voice, design identity and packaging was developed to encourage women to look at their skin as the solution, not the problem.

The wordmark utilised a San Serif typeface to create an approachable scientific tone right from the start. The icon is also easily recognised as the U for Unconditional.

The U was split into two parts to represent the two different elements within the product and the unique double chambers within the packaging. While the curved part represents the ‘Hydrator’ and depicts water, the squarer segment represents the more structured scientific nature of the ‘Probiotic Serum’. Together, the two elements form a perfect balance to convey how the product balances the skin microbiome.

The packaging and label design allowed us to inject the brand’s unique tone of voice into the visual identity, with the ripped effect representing the act of revealing your true skin and wholeheartedly accepting it for what it is. This bold style stands out on the shelf, carving its own space in the category.


Beauty & Personal Care


Brand Identity, Graphic Design, Packaging


Unconditional Skincare

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