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Creative Director / Graphic Designer
8-12 years Experience

Represented: 14/11/22


Meet Angelo. He’s a Creative Director and Graphic Designer who knows and understands every part of the creative process and how to create and deliver high level projects right down to the last detail, from inception all the way through to results.


If you’re a large agency or corporate looking for the right person to help lead your team to success, look no further — he’s here.


With a Bachelors in Design from Auckland University, this Creative Director knows how to lead by example. He’s an absolute wizard on the tools — Illustrator, InDesign, Photoshop, even Premiere pro and AfterEffects — when it comes to Adobe Creative Suite, Angelo knows it all. He also has an advanced understanding of Webflow, and a tonne of experience in web design.


Among his nine years of experience along the way are hugely successful projects for Les Mills International (including global launches and rollouts to more than 22,000 gyms globally), TVNZ, ITM, and Southern Cross. His work includes brand identity, TVC, UI and UX, go-to-market creative strategy, brand and product campaigns, and of course, social.


Emotionally memorable brand experiences are over 50% more effective than ordinary marketing, and Angelo knows how to help you create them. His talent and experience means he’s more than comfortable leading brands and businesses through a creative project, and arriving at the creative sweet-spot that helps you speak to your customers in the voice they want to hear.


With a tonne of drive and ambition to be the best, Angelo brings a hunger to create outstanding work that will help separate you from your competitors, and be readily remembered by your audience. He has a passion for aesthetic integrity, and will make it his business to ensure your comms present with power!


Angelo is looking for the team and brand where he can make a difference. If you’re looking for this level of skill and commitment, contact The Pond today.


Advertising Animation Art Direction Brand Activation Brand Development Brand Identity Creative Direction Digital Design Graphic Design Motion Graphic Design


Adobe Creative Cloud After Effects CC Figma Illustrator CC InDesign CC Photoshop CC Premiere Pro CC WebFlow

I'm best known for...

My role as Lead Designer on several brand/product roll-outs for Les Mills International, including Les Mills Live 2020.

Industries I know well

Health & Fitness
Film & Television

Creative. Digital. Marketing. Recruitment.