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Creative Director / Art Director
12 Plus years Experience
Auckland, Wellington

Represented: 01/04/21

Life Hacks Postcards

About Project

This brief was one of those tricky balancing acts. Ironically for a digital product, it was a completely analogue piece of creative – but one that became a lovely opportunity to do some good old-fashioned print craft.




Brand Identity, Copywriting, Design Direction


Essence Heath Agency

One of Bryce’s standout campaigns from his time at Essence in Auckland was a series of characterful postcards for people struggling with the dexterity issues brought on by Multiple Sclerosis. The project took selected ‘life hacks’, that were going unseen on the client’s global website, and turned them into postcards that patients in New Zealand could engage with physically, via clinics and distribution in packs sent to MS Nurses. Bryce worked in close collaboration with a local illustrator to bring charm and character but also real usability to the series. Great anecdotal feedback was received from community nurses – always the best barometer of tone of voice for healthcare patient communications.

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