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Ko Rongowhakaata Exhibition - Te Papa Museum

About Project

The Ko Rongowhakaata: The Story of Light and Shadow exhibition at Te Papa Museum focuses on the land, people and stories of the iwi Rongowhakaata. The exhibition reflects their creativity, rich history and reputation for innovation.


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Te Papa Museum

Developed over 12 months, it is a dramatic 400 sqm exhibition where historic taonga are displayed alongside innovative contemporary art and powerful stories of survival and tenacity. There are more than 60 Rongowhakaata taonga some dating back to 1750, presented in innovative display-cases. The exhibition uses darkness as a backdrop to the presentation of taonga and multisensory displays.

Animations, music and video were commissioned using contemporary iwi artists and designers to capture and present the dynamic culture of Rongowhakata.

Large scale projected animated line art to the large promenade floor area evoke the origins of the iwi and immerse and entice visitors to play with the light as it lands on them and swirls like water on the floor.

A commissioned ambient soundtrack fills this space, supporting the power and significance of the iwi as well as linking the different zones of the exhibition.

The exhibition reflects the combined efforts of an entire iwi and the Te Papa design team who have captured the essence of the Rongowhakaata background, culture and ongoing innovative creativity.

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