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British Heart Foundation

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Content Optimisation for the British Heart Foundation.





Campaign Analysis, Campaign Reporting, Content Strategy, Digital Strategy, Project Management, SEO


British Heart Foundation

Content Optimisation

Working with the British Heart Foundation content team, Damon identified existing content that met the following criteria:

Highly relevant

Ranking in positions 2 to 5

High volume >1000 searches a month

Damon then revised the content of each page to better match the search queries by identifying the areas of the page that needed to be developed to better answer each search query.

This work resulted in an average of a 150% increase in traffic to the revised pages.

Event Optimisation (Structured Data)

Damon was asked to help ensure that one of the BHFs most iconic sporting events continued its domination of search results as a number of new competitors, and the increasing importance of Google search features, were threatening to reduce traffic and registrations.

Following a discovery analysis, Damon identified links and structured data as the main opportunities for improvement. By building and implementing structured data and redirecting old event 404 pages he was able to take advantage of Google search features and regain top rankings for key search terms.

Reporting & Analysis (Ranking and Traffic)

Using a range of data sources we built a comprehensive suite of reports which enabled easy analysis of search opportunities, issues and trends, and which led to many of the search optimisation activities detailed on this page.

Having used a wide range of white label and custom reports over the years, Damon believes that his approach gives you the best possible view of your search performance, and ensures that you are using your online resources to their effectively and efficiently.

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