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12 Plus years Experience
Christchurch, Wellington, Auckland

Represented: 17/07/13


In a nutshell I just like making sweet videos. My rational is: why make a crap video when you can make a cool video? Work with me and we can do the latter.


Growing up with the birth of digital cameras and easily accessible editing software, I made my first film at the age of 14 on a 15 fps digital camera, which could record a whopping 12 seconds of video before the memory was full. Adding lightsabers and explosions, frame-by-frame, with what is essentially an early version of Photoshop, was my journey into visual effects and motion graphics. I skipped uni and taught myself, with almost all my knowledge coming from real world industry experience.


Over 10 years on and 12,000 earthquakes later, I still reside in Christchurch and have made a name for myself as the go-to motion graphics guy in this booming little city. I enjoy being part of the creative process, from conception through to delivery, and seeing a vision turned into a reality.The boring stuff: I have initiative, I work well with a team, I have a very high attention to detail, I am confident and directive, and I enjoy being involved in the creative process. I love my job and I love what I do, so this term ‘work’ has failed to impress me as a monotonous thing that keeps me busy, but rather, is an ever-changing opportunity to express my natural creativity. Don’t settle for the same old boring stuff that’s paraded our screens for the past 20 years. Think different. Go on, I dare you.


Cinematography Creative Direction Directing Graphic Design Motion Graphic Design Producing Videography Visual Effects


After Effects CC Final Cut Pro X Premiere Pro CC

I'm best known for...

Sweet motion graphics, clever ideas, and getting it done.

Recent Employment

Freelance Motion Graphic Designer / Commercial Video Director / Fashion Photographer / Jan 2008 - Present / Self Employed

Auckland, New Zealand


I specialise in high end photography and video production for worldwide swimwear and lifestyle brands.

Motion Graphic Designer / 2006 - 2008 / Whitebait TV

Auckland, New Zealand

Industries I know well

Architecture & Interior
Food & Beverage

Mediums I know well

Interactive/ Digital

Creative. Digital. Marketing. Recruitment.