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Represented: 25/05/21

Santander Group

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An international agency, James worked with the UK branch of Hogarth, specifically with the team who looked after Santander’s content and marketing.

James initially started with Hogarth on a freelance basis, using the information contained in their Trade Barometer report and fleshing it out for different channels, including a landing page, several content pieces, campaign emails and a summary report.

After completing this project, he took a six-month contract with Hogarth, working on a number of different projects with them, including their Trailblazers report, broker creative ads, their Covid-19 response, Santander Cycles adverts, Voice ID script, client stories and customer video scripts.

“James has done a great job with our high profile corporate project. He has worked on various assets at the same time, was extremely responsive and organised which really helped us meet our deadlines. He's been an absolute pleasure to work with, highly recommended!” - Maggie Hadrys, Account Manager (Hogarth Worldwide)




Copywriting, Storytelling, Tone of voice


Hogarth Worldwide


Santander’s Trade Barometer is a quarterly report looking at businesses trading internationally, highlighting the successes of those making the highest profit margins.

James joined this project to take the information in the report and translate it across the report’s Autumn landing page. Working closely with the project manager, James crafted the copy to suit the clients’ needs and desires.

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The Trade Barometer relied on additional content to drive conversion. James made report summaries, focusing on different areas that were key issues in the report. These were designed to capture the interest of target demographics and drive them to download the report. These reports helped build interest in the report and encouraged downloads.

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This article was separate from the Trade Barometer piece but used information gleaned from the report to highlight known issues for Santander customers, and present a case study of a solution Santander used to help one of their customers.

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Following on from the Trade Barometer, James worked on the collateral marketing material for Trailblazers, where Santander highlighted what market-leaders were doing to drive their business’ growth, and how Santander could support companies who wished to follow in their footsteps. Similar to Trade Barometer, he went through the report and pulled out information that would capture the attention of the target audience.

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During James' time with Hogarth, the Covid-19 pandemic hit. He helped create the client stories for Santander’s commercial banking site, highlighting the efforts their team were putting in to support their customers, which were used as case studies to encourage businesses to switch to Santander.

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