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VTNZ Case Study for Spark

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A case study that Katrina wrote during her time at Hunch for Spark promoting their work with VTNZ.




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Agency: Hunch

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Vehicle Testing New Zealand lacked bandwidth and couldn’t use most modern, cloud-based applications. When the network connection went down, it cost time, money and productivity.


Spark connected Cloud Managed Network to 150+ VTNZ locations to enable real-time visibility, central control, twenty times more bandwidth and 4G failover to always stay connected.


Cloud Managed Network transformed VTNZ’s connectivity, saving them 20% on costs. They now have a scalable, templated solution that makes it easy to connect to new sites.

Delivering on digital

VTNZ is New Zealand’s largest independent vehicle inspection organisation, with over 1,000 staff and 500 automotive technicians. They manage over one million vehicle safety inspections each year, so their business depends on reliable technologies to support their large-scale, fast-moving customer operations.

Interacting digitally plays a major part in how VTNZ do business. Due to a lack of bandwidth, VTNZ wasn’t able to use many modern, cloud-based applications. So much so, the Chief Information Officer of VTNZ, started every Monday with calls about branches unable to trade due to connectivity issues.

This happened because there was no visibility, and no way to control their 150+ sites from one, central location. When the network would go down, the IT department wouldn’t be able to identify what the problems were. And a technician would have to visit the site every time, costing VTNZ money, time and productivity.

Simple solutions for stronger connectivity

To help connect and manage all of their sites remotely, VTNZ partnered with Spark to install Cloud Managed Network in every location. This cloud-based management portal, using Cisco Meraki technology, gave them real-time visibility.

Now, instead of calling out a technician, network and policy changes could be made centrally. The best part? Cloud Managed Network’s 4G failover meant that if the internet went down – business could continue as usual.

Increased visibility of what was happening across the network also gave VTNZ greater peace of mind, using threat technologies like IPsec VPN encryption for secure communication. And if VTNZ expands with new sites across the country? They’ve got a scalable solution, with templated configurations that makes adding new sites quick and easy for the whole team."

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