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Comvita UMF Honey

About Project

Comvita are world leaders in premium Manuka Honey products.

The continued growth in demand for premium Manuka honey globally has posed significant challenges to the industry - a drastic rise in counterfeiting, theft and countless Inferior products disguised as premium and boasting high UMF/MGO ratings polluting the shelves.

Comvita knew it needed to reassert itself as the trusted leader in Manuka honey and distance itself from other players by evolving their packaging design, their messaging and by leaning into its existing brand equity.

We developed a highly strategic approach to evolving the Comvita UMF range, with multiple rounds of design-testing in the USA, NZ and China.

The primary brand colour - Red was retained as it held the majority of their brand equity on shelf - as well as being a very popular colour in Chinese tradition.

A deliberately functional typographic language and type treatment were retained - speaking informatively to the benefits and efficacy of the product while most competitor brands were steering towards the ‘small-batch, craft’ aesthetic and TOV.

We developed the ‘Made by Nature’ campaign as part of the launch of the new branding, executed in both print and as an animation for various digital touchpoints.


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