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An advertorial that Nina wrote for the Beauty section on FashioNZ discussing her experience getting a brow lamination, sponsored by UP Lashes & Brows.


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"We tried this: Brow lamination from UP Lashes & Brows

Big Brow Energy – It’s been having a moment for a few years now and it is one trend we don’t see going away anytime soon. Treatments such as eyebrow tattooing or ‘microblading’ have gained popularity in recent years, giving people the option of having permanent, manicured brows, taking away the need of having to head to the beautician every few weeks for a wax or threading session. But if the thought of having your eyebrows permanently tattooed onto your face is a little too much of a commitment for you then this new eyebrow treatment might just be the perfect compromise.

Brow lamination is rising in popularity, originating in Russia and making its way through Europe, Asia and the USA and finally, landing here in New Zealand, this treatment promises natural, feathery looking, semi-permanent brows, without the need of a blade. Essentially, brow lamination is like a perm for your brows. The 45-minute, pain-free treatment is perfect for all brow types and concerns, from over-plucked brows, patchy brows or unruly brows, this treatment gives the illusion of full, feathered brows that stay in place for around 10 weeks, dependent on the aftercare.

Like with most trends, there can be both upsides and downsides to trying something new, especially if it has something to do with beauty. So I volunteered myself to try this growing trend – in the name of beauty, of course, and let me tell you – it did not disappoint. If you are interested in trying brow lamination yourself then read on to hear all about my experience and why I think this is THEE beauty treatment of 2020.

I am lucky to have dark, thick eyebrows that don’t really need much tending to. However, I am a fan of that feathery brushed up look and will tend to my brows in the morning, filling in the patches with an eyebrow pencil and brushing them up with a spoolie (an eyebrow brush). But even after doing this I still wasn’t quite able to achieve that full feathery look as my brow hairs are quite long and some of them have a mind of their own. So I booked myself into UP Lashes & Brows – who were one of the first salons to bring brow lamination to New Zealand in 2019 and because of this, they are among the best in the brow lamination business and very highly regarded to give me those Brooke Shields brows I have always longed for and… they did!

The first step in the brow lamination process is to start with a consultation, where your therapist will discuss with you the shape and style of the brows you are hoping to achieve. The options are vast with brow lamination – you can opt for something very natural and feathery, right through to bold and defined. You can also choose what brow tint you would like, whether it be akin to your natural brow colour or something more dark and dramatic. In my case, I chose to opt for a more natural, feathery look and to fill in the patches with a tint similar to my own brow colour.

Next, your therapist will cleanse the area, being sure to remove all makeup from the treatment area and then apply the first brow lamination formula. The amount of formula needed per client differs, depending on your hair type and the type of look you want to achieve.

Once the first treatment is complete, the formula is removed and KRT.ONE® keratin is applied – this is the magical ingredient that keeps the brow hair healthy and strong. Then a second treatment of the lamination is applied to set the hair in place.

Once both treatments are complete, your therapist with move on to shaping your brows, giving you a mirror and allowing you to instruct how you want them to look. She then applies the tint to the brows – the full process usually takes around 30 minutes to perfect.

The therapist will then apply the finishing touching to your perfect brows, which are an aftercare formula of keratin, collagen and antioxidants, which help to retain the longevity of your brows and promote soft, feathery brows. Your therapist will then brush your brows into place with a spoolie and the treatment is complete. The whole process should take around 45 minutes and is entirely pain-free.

So, after all is said and done, would I recommend brow lamination?

Absolutely – The process was relaxing and pain-free, a bonus in my books. I told the therapist exactly how I wanted my brows to look and she delivered. Aside from looking a little darker at first, which is something I just wasn’t used to, I was 100% happy with the end result and after a few days, the tint settled in a bit more and my brows didn’t look so pronounced on my face. Every morning and after a shower all I need to do is brush them back into place with a spoolie and they are set for all-day adventures. I am in love with my new brows and even though this treatment was gifted to me, I would absolutely pay to get them done over and over again. You could even say, I am a brow lamination convert and I encourage you to give it a go for yourself, you will not be disappointed."


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