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Made from New Zealand

About Project

We do love a good yarn. The giant sand sculpture of New Zealand symbol the Silver Fern was created on California’s Santa Monica Beach to promote New Zealand SME businesses and supported by corporates Air New Zealand, Telecom, Saatchi, NZTE, Tourism and thousands of New Zealand businesses. The Silver Fern - as long as a football field, was created by installation artist Mike Mizrahi and a team of 40.

The branding project was early to the crowdfunding space - four years before Kickstarter was born - The giant fern was funded by the sale of 10517 t-shirts, exactly the same number of kilometres between New Zealand and Santa Monica. Sir Edmund Hillary donated a climbing sock that we ‘ragged’ - pulling each fibre apart and then re-spinning it with a kilometre of our finest merino. A piece of this thread, representing the DNA of the New Zealand character was sewn inside each shirt.




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Mike Mizrahi

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