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Tom Graphic Designer
Graphic Designer / Motion Designer
8-12 years Experience

Represented: 06/04/22


Meet Tom. Graphic and Motion Designer, recently returned from the creative cauldron of New York and available for work right now, through The Pond. 


Tom is the designer’s designer. His nine years of experience include work on giant brands such as Nike, Apple, Google, and NBC Universal, to name a few. He also has valuable experience on the editorial side of media, producing design work for international media brands including Vice Media, The Telegraph, and NBC News. 


Tom offers you the experience and talent to work across any medium, on any client, and produce work that will meet and exceed the requirements of your brief. He has a remarkable ability to understand your audience, and produce work that creates emotional connection — and delivers results. His industry understanding and innate design ability allow him to fit seamlessly inside the biggest agency or the most boutique studio.


Working in the super-cooker business of international media where deadlines to go-live are immutably fixed and failure isn’t an option, Tom has learned how to deliver under pressure on every job. This respect for deadlines means if your project is time sensitive, Tom is the designer you need. 


With a BA (Hons) in Design from the lauded Whanganui School of Design and further study at the University of Wisconsin, Tom brings a structured approach to his work substantiated by critical thought. Why does it matter? Because as any Creative Director will tell you — you need to know the rules before you can break them.


Animation Brand Identity Digital Design Editing Graphic Design Motion Graphic Design Post-production Typography


Adobe Creative Cloud After Effects CC Figma Illustrator CC InDesign CC Photoshop CC

Recent Employment

Animator / Designer / 2020 / NBC Universal


Animator / Designer / 2019 / VICE Media


Designer / Animation / Illustrator / 2016 - 2018 / The Telegraph


Industries I know well

Arts & Culture
Sport & Recreation

Creative. Digital. Marketing. Recruitment.