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5 Minutes with Talent Director Will Gregory

Marketing Ambassador, Ashan Marambe sits down with The Pond's Marketing, Media and Sales Recruitment Talent Director, Will Gregory to reflect on the year and to find out about what’s installed for 2020. 

Will Gregory joined The Pond in 2017 leading the corporate team, working with clients from a diverse range of industries leading to the rapid growth in the corporate recruitment side of The Pond’s business. The corporate team now consists of four recruitment agents that place some of NZ’s most experienced and skilled marketing, media, and sales professionals in full-time, contract, and freelance roles for large enterprises, government agencies, and SMEs.


What has been your favourite part about working at The Pond?

“The best part has been the 3-year growth journey with the company. Developing the corporate recruitment team from scratch has been a massive professional and personal achievement for me. In 2019 we have managed to retain a great team with a mix of personalities, experiences and abilities to drive the business to new heights and championing transformational talent.” 


You mentioned The Pond is championing transformational talent in 2019, what is it and why is it so crucial?

“The term ‘Transformational Talent’ refers to the super talented individuals who can be injected into a business to create instant change and drive results. It doesn’t matter whether it’s on a freelance, contract, or full-time basis, these people are leaders in their own right, exemplify best practise within their craft and skillset, and are genuine ‘impact marketers’ who make the hard calls.” 


What sets The Pond apart from other recruitment agencies? 

“It is the space that we specialise in. We recruit in highly relevant and critical professions across digital, marketing and creative and these pillars interlink to one another. For example, when you have a product you need a creative to make it visually pleasing, then you need a marketer to launch it to the local market and digital talent to create content to reach global markets. We represent transformational talent that do all of this” 


Name one thing you love about recruitment and one thing you dislike about it

“One thing that I dislike is the bad reputation that recruiters get. People seem to believe that the recruitment industry is the big bad wolf that is just out for money and a quick sell but we’re not all like that.”

“On the flip side, the thing I love about recruitment is the people. I love to flip the stigma of recruitment on its head by getting to really know our clients and their businesses and delivering the talented people they need (and stick) to drive business success.” 


What’s the next emerging trend in marketing?

Marketing technology. Big data is starting to play a big role in business functions, driving sales and marketing with powerful new automated technologies (i.e. Salesforce, Adobe Marketing Cloud). However, you still need the people to drive it, to give it a human-centred approach, and to interpret the significance of the data and what it really means for a business in a very cluttered media environment.”


Why do you think corporates need to invest in marketing talent?

“To have a competitive edge, it’s important to get your brand and clear messaging out there, whether you’re selling a product or service and delivering to a marketing strategy.”


How can big corporates best utilise The Pond?

By letting us in the door! Let us demonstrate how we are different from the generalist recruiters and how we can specialise in the three sectors of Marketing, Media & Sales, Creative & Design, Digital & Tech. We cover a huge variety of roles via freelance and/or contract with our signed members on tap, plus we also excel in full-time placements with an industry-leading average length of stay of 4.1 years.”


What brought you to a career in recruitment?

“I used to be in agency sales and advertising, but I fell out of love with it. I truly believe that I was meant to do recruitment. I am passionate about the greater marketing sector and know it well, whether that’s in the creative conception or ideation, or in marketing. My past experiences enable me to guide and advise clients on how to recruit the best people for their projects in these sectors."


You’ve recently taken up golf, why?

“It gives me the ability to decompress from the life of recruitment. Recruitment never sleeps, but golf allows me to be a bit Zen, which is very unlike me if you know me. I tend to go at things with an over-abundance of energy which is just not sustainable all the time.”


What’s the last TV show you streamed and why did you choose it?

“HBO's Succession. I reckon it’s one of the greatest shows ever made because it teaches you what not to be, what to strive for, what’s possible in business, while also illustrating what not to do…”


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