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Five key benefits of freelancing and contracting with us

So you’ve decided to quit your full-time job and strike out on your own as a freelance contractor? Good on you! The road of freelancing is perfect if you are wanting that flexible work lifestyle, the ability to choose projects to work on and get the top dollar you deserve for your work.

But the road is not a walk in the park, there’s a lot to consider when going into freelancing like taxes, chasing up overdue invoices, building a network of relationships for a consistent pipeline of work opportunities – all of which can easily make it a hassle.

Lucky for you, we’ve been representing freelance contractors across creative, digital and marketing for the past 15 years and we’ve mastered the art. Here’s 5 reasons why being represented by us will ensure that your freelance and contract career will be off to a flying start.

1. Championing the best freelance & contract rates in the market

We make it our mission to champion the best rates for our freelance contractors. When placing freelance contractors bookings, we look through your experience and skills to ensure we’re offering the rates you’re worth. Even better, we negotiate rates with clients so that you don’t have to.

Unlike other recruitment agencies, we keep the best interests of our freelance contractors at heart and keep our margins low to ensure that you get the top dollar for the work you put in.

2. Actively represent and promote talent

Freelancers know all too well how it goes with some recruitment agencies, where they put you into a database and only call you on the off chance a relevant brief comes in. But here at The Pond, that’s not our style. Our team of recruiters take active steps to promote you to our clients to get you opportunities from the moment you meet with us. We also have a dedicated marketing team who are ready to get you out to market across many of our channels – all with the mission of finding you work.

3. Work across a diverse range of projects & industries

We pride ourselves on working with a range of top corporates and agencies in New Zealand across various industries. That means that you’ll be spoilt for choice working on a diverse range of projects making your portfolio or case studies look even more colourful. Gone are the days of working on the same old tired projects day in and day out when you’re represented by us. 

4. Tax obligations are taken care of by our account team

Complicated tax obligations doing your head in? We’ve got it covered. Our accounts team will process your invoices weekly and take care of all your tax obligations for opportunities found by us. This means that you can focus on delivering what you’re best at and feel comfortable knowing that your tax is taken care of when working through The Pond. 

5. Well established brand name in the market

The Pond has been representing creative & design, digital & tech, marketing & media freelancer since 2006, that’s a whole 15 years! Over that time, we’ve built a reputation amongst our clients for representing quality freelance contractors at the top of the game. We’re proud to have developed a reputation that can works in your favour in finding work.

Looking to be represented by an agency that is invested in your success? Well, you’re in the right place. Let us take care of all the heavy lifting so that you can focus on honing your craft and working for the top brands and agencies in the country. Interested in joining us? Fill out our talent register here, and take the first step towards a hassle-free freelance and contract career.

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