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Contemplating a change in your creative profession?

You’ve made it through highs and lows, but you may be sitting there asking yourself if it may be time for a new challenge. 

Whether your desire to tread a different path is driven by altruistic urges, boredom or pure frustration, it’s also imperative to approach any change with care and consideration.

Reinventing yourself is not something you should be scared of, however.

There are several top creative talent on our books who have defied their pigeonhole and successfully changed career: it’s a question of timing, with the knowledge of when to pull the trigger being the key to success. Combined with a little luck, a strong will, and a solid backing by Pond representation – that timing may just be ripe.

Here are a few considerations we have put together for you before making the first step.

Greener Grass



When you start to feel curious about other platforms or professions, listen to that curiosity and go with it. Feel it out by giving yourself space to explore new ideas and apply them to what you are doing currently.

Money in the bank

Take a long hard look at your current finances and calculate all outgoings, income and extra expenses. See where you can make cuts and get a very clear idea of exactly how much money you need to make over a year. As with going freelance, it’s a good idea to have at least three months of wages in hand to support yourself at the start of your new career. If there’s no extra money available, wait until you can access some – earn more, or borrow – or lower your expenses to squirrel away what you’ll need. 

Consider some challenges vs the benefits

Initially, you might need to accept a lower income until you establish yourself again. Mentally, it will pay to mentally prepare yourself for some longer days than you were used to, as you will be going a few clicks slower than you were used to.

However, the benefits of changing career can be copious. Creatives need to keep striving to elevate themselves creatively, so changing paths may push you and grow your talents, with potentially huge levels of new opportunity and inspiration. If they combine seamlessly, you might be lucky enough to move into a higher paying role as well. 

Is it Showtime?

Once you’ve worked out what you want to do, write a career action plan with your long-term career goals. Start thinking about improving on your skillset through work experience, or additional education and/or training to boost your job prospects. There are various free options available to you, but some won't so be sure to factor in any costs they may incur.

And remember… The grass isn’t always greener

A change of career might not be what you’re looking for. Design agency creatives don’t necessarily produce better work or have more freedom than in-house creatives, for example, so think it through: why do you want a change? The difference can often depend on the clients, the organisation you work, but mostly the changing landscape of the industry today.

If you do decide to pull the trigger, Just remember to stay focused and be patient. Stick to a plan and don’t get sidetracked or downhearted. Get used to explaining to all and sundry why you’ve jumped career – and enjoy your new crack at life. And remember, we have an accomplished team of agents with ears on the ground to help with your transition, who are only a phone call away + 64 9 373 3791.

Who said you can’t teach and old dog new tricks? 

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