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Sole Trader vs. Limited Liability... what's the difference?


When people join The Pond a frequent question we find ourselves getting asked is what is the difference between a Sole Trader and Limited Liability Company, and also if one is better than the other. Both come with their own benefits so you just need to decide which has the...

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Everything you need to know about Professional Membership

Everything You Need To Know Circle

The select few who are asked to become professional members are highly skilled and cherish their independence. In recognition of this professional excellence we ensure that the Professional Membership comes with some top benefits:

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How do I become a Pro Member?

How Do I Circle

Our core group of exceptionally skilled and experienced digital, marketing and creative talent.

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Is 2018 the year you pull the trigger on your freelancing career?


It’s more than likely you have had a lot of downtime over the summer, and it’s more than likely the idea of giving up your full-time gig to follow your freelance dream played a bit on your mind...

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Three things clients get when they call The Pond.


As New Zealand’s premier recruitment agency for creative, digital and marketing talent, The Pond is here to help you find the right people for your agency or business. All of our talent have been extensively vetted by senior agents who understand our industry and recognise the qualities you need in a hire.

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Creating a Killer CV


Recruiting managers spend less than 15 seconds scanning your CV, so you want to do everything you can to ensure yours makes a good impression.

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How to Get Started as a Freelancer

Freelancer Options

With freelancing in the Creative Industries the biggest it has ever been in New Zealand, with no signs of stopping, it's no wonder many creatives are thinking of dipping their toes in. The Pond bills out over $300,000 in freelance bookings alone every month – that's a lot of briefs.

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Struggling to Get Paid as a Freelance Creative?


Imagine this sad scenario: Dressed to the nines, you are treating yourself and your other half to a fancy candlelit dinner at the bougie restaurant normally reserved for anniversaries, sharing a bottle of fine wine and a menu with names you've never been able to pronounce.

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Contemplating a change in your creative profession?

Greener Grass

You’ve made it through highs and lows, but you may be sitting there asking yourself if it may be time for a new challenge. 

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Freelancing Tips. When to leave your job and become a professional freelancer

For those creatives or designers working full-time, there will come a time when you need to take the plunge and leave your job to freelance full-time. While you may be quite keen to say goodbye to a job you’ve disliked, it is important to leave on a positive note, particularly if your job is in the same industry...

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