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We get asked these questions all the time.

How does The Pond work?
The Pond represents the best freelance and full-time talent. In a nutshell, we work by promoting you through our website, email marketing, and our ongoing client relationships. Then when a client comes to us with a brief or role that matches your skills and experience, we call you to discuss it.

If you're happy to accept the opportunity, we will put you forward as one of only two recommendations. What's more, we’ll negotiate the best rate and structure for the role, set up any initial meetings with the client and see to minor details such as booking confirmations and confidentiality agreements.

Can anyone register?
Everyone who works within Digital, Marketing and Creative can register to be reviewed, but not everyone can be represented. Because we promote The Pond as a premium talent agency, we can only represent the best professionals with relevant commercial experience. These candidates could be junior, intermediate or senior. This is one of the key differences between The Pond and other recruitment agents who happily take on anyone.

What can I earn as a freelancer?
Your potential earnings via The Pond depends on your availability, your portfolio and the demand for your skill set. We typically find our members anywhere up to $150,000 worth of work each year.

Can I expect the same rate on every job?
Rates are based on a number of factors including how long you will be needed, how urgently the job needs to be done, and whether or not it requires any specialised skills. So we'll work with you to create a flexible rate structure based on your expectations and current industry rates.

Does The Pond actively promote its members?
We pour a lot of resources into an annual marketing and weekly promotional plan that has included sponsorship of industry awards, client events, direct marketing campaigns, print advertising, press releases and online initiatives.

Can I register from anywhere in the world?
You can register from anywhere in the world but only if you have the intention of moving to New Zealand.  The Pond only represents talent who are able to work in New Zealand. We also have an immigration service if you are looking for additional support in securing a work visa. 

Do I have to sign anything?
If you are looking for a full-time role then no. If you are freelancing then yes, we have a ‘contract for services’ that covers both you and clients when it comes to all the small but important details, like liability, restraints of trade and confidentiality. Trust us, it's always good to get these things down on paper so we all know where we stand.

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