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Freelance pitfalls to avoid

People are turning to the freelance and contract world during this pandemic and we completely get it. The world of freelancing is exciting and it is brimming with possibilities, not to mention the perks. Want to work at home? No problem.

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What you need to consider before you go freelance: A checklist

Chucking the corporate life for the freedom of working independently is the fantasy of many a cubicle monkey. But before you make the jump, ask yourself some hard questions to make sure that you can operate from a position of strength while on your own.

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First Time Freelancer? How The Pond can help you make the transition

Are you thinking of taking the next step in your career and considering freelancing as an option? Here's how The Pond can help. . . Marketing yourself – You’re still your own recruiter so having a personal brand and online presence is important.

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Essential steps to making a killer portfolio

You have the ability to capture the attention of a creative director in a single glance of your portfolio, so it’s vital to get the details right.

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5 Minutes with Talent Director Leighton Howl

Marketing Ambassador, Ashan Marambe sits down with The Pond's Creative & Design Recruitment Talent Director, Leighton Howl, to reflect on the past year, find out what’s in-store for 2020 and what he's up to over the summer break.

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5 Minutes with Talent Director Will Gregory

Marketing Ambassador, Ashan Marambe sits down with The Pond's Marketing, Media and Sales Recruitment Talent Director, Will Gregory to reflect on the year and to find out about what’s installed for 2020.

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5 Rituals for More Productive, Creative and Resilient Teams


Getting people to perform at their best is hard, especially in creative environments where change is constant. Here are some regular exercises that can keep your team moving together as one.

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How do you find clients?


The competition is only getting stronger. Here's how to get noticed and snag clients in an increasingly noisy environment.  

There’s never been a better time for enterprising creatives to turn their passions and side hustles into a career.

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Common mistakes freelancers make

Most freelancers start their journey in business something like this:

They get good at their craft. They build a website. They set up their social media profiles. And then… they wait for clients to hire them.

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Are you at a crossroads in your freelance business?

Have you ever woken in the middle of the night gripped with fear because you don’t see a future for your creative career or business?

If you’re feeling anything other than a Zen-like calm right now, you’re not alone. You’re definitely not alone. But your fear IS misplaced.

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