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Hire now. Pay Later

Lock in that key hire prior to Christmas and pay the fee in January. If you’re thinking about hiring a new team member in January, let us suggest a better money move. Hire the right person, right now and set their start date in the New Year. That’s why we’re reducing our...

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The Pond announces their new Immigration Service

Circle Immigration

It will now be much easier to attract top talent from offshore, keep visiting talent here and raise the creative standard of both your business – and, dare we say it, the country – while you’re at it.

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Best of Luck at Best


Pond director, Leighton Howl reflects on the three key reasons why design awards are still a goodie for the greater marketing and design industry.

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The 2018 Expat: London to Auckland to Sydney

Auckland City Circle

The Pond has the biggest talent presence in the local market – both online and offline and because of this we are the first port of call for award-winning creative and digital people moving to NZ.Just think of us as a massive fishnet (in the Talent and Recruitment industry) that catches most if not...

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The Pond Continues to do Recruitment Better

Blog Image

We shake the corporate recruitment sector every day – and surprise surprise, we are still getting better results than any of our competitors. So the latest numbers are in and it’s official, Pond recruits are now sticking around even longer, 4.3 years to be precise. This is a true reflection of the efforts we go to, in...

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Plan Ahead

Brooke Blog

Corporate clients are already gearing up for their end of year projects, booking in creatives for their Christmas campaign and coming to The Pond looking for top specialist talent… we recommend getting in even earlier than August.

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"Do I need to use a Recruiter?" from Will Gregory, Talent Director at The Pond.

Will Opinion Blog

Congratulations, you’ve reached the point where you need to hire your first, or next employee. There are a ton of questions that every business owner (startup, SME or Corporate) needs to ask themselves when considering adding that first, or next, employee.

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Our shout for coffee!

We'd love to learn more about your business. We know that new hires, big projects and people going on holiday can mean stress for your business.  Let us shout you a coffee and make your life easier by listening, understanding what you need and matching you with the right talent to...

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