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June Wrap Up 2018

JuneNews Winner

June was a busy month for the Pond, here's our June wrap up!  

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This week, we’re giving to the Anzac's and our local RSC

New Anzac

The Anzacs were courageous and their actions during the campaign left us all a powerful legacy.

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Start the new financial year, with a $500 lunch on The Pond

News ostro

Need a new Creative Director to replace the one going overseas? How about a Digital UX Designer to immerse your agency in the world of digital change? Perhaps you just need a solid Graphic Designer with industry relevant experience...

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Easter Holidays have arrived. Do you need resource?

Easter Bunny EDM

This time of year can often be a nightmare with employees often taking annual leave either side of the statutory holidays. 

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Pond Client Giveaway: Sweet start to the year!


Let's kick off the year with a bit of fun. Free donuts for freelance bookings!

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Thanks for your support this year & Merry Xmas

Christmas Creative EDM Alert2

We hope this message of good cheer enters your brain accompanied by cold beers, fine wine, and sizzling sunshine.

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Gone by Xmas… How to turn your Xmas Party into a new job opportunity.


The office Xmas shindig doesn’t have to be hours of idle chitchat and subconscious sexual fantasies. No, no, no revellers. With a bit of application and by following the eight rules below, your festive function can be a real chance for career development, as you go out with a bang! 

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The night that was the Creative Quorum

CQ Badge Blue

It was a fantastic evening, full of our esteemed represented Creatives, who came together and celebrated premium creative work, industry gossip, war stories, and of course made new connections. 

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Creative Quorum: Summer Edition

EDM Alert CQS2

It's summer, it's been a big year, it's time to share a few beverages at the second Creative Quorum before we all head away for Xmas. Please join us for a splendid gathering of our esteemed represented Creatives, coming together in earnest to celebrate premium creative work, industry gossip, war stories, and of course making...

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