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Design Director
12 Plus years Experience

Represented: 29/02/24


He’s like a design Swiss army knife, with experience fuelling the growth of some of New Zealand’s most exciting brands by delivering outstanding customer experiences.


Ciarán is a problem solver at heart, which has seen him focus his recent work on helping startups overcome hard challenges. His creative toolkit is bursting with design, branding, strategy, illustration, digital, and copywriting skills, making him an ideal candidate for ambitious, early-stage businesses.


He is an expert at using good design and creative strategy to develop lovable brand personalities that customers can’t help but be loyal to. And the results speak for themselves:


Ciarán rebuilt Halter’s customer onboarding experience from the ground up, reducing early churn and improving time to first value from months to weeks.

He also designed a multi-award-winning brand experience programme for Halter that included a live broadcast of remotely moving cows, an interactive stand, and sales and marketing material that delivered a positive ROI.


He improved lead conversion rates by more than 200% for another client by automating the sales pipeline and lead management system, taking response times from days to a few hours.


As well as Halter, Ciarán has had senior creative roles with the likes of Fisher & Paykel, Xero, and B2B SaaS company Timely. These are well-known leaders in their respective spaces, with distinctive brand personalities that showcase just some of Ciarán’s exciting talent. 


His expertise and experience can’t be faulted, and he’s also enthusiastic about going beyond a job title to get stuck into whatever problems need solving.


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