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VFX & Digital Artist / Retoucher
12 Plus years Experience
Auckland, Christchurch

Represented: 25/08/17

New World | Little Shop

About Project

"Little Shop"

Director / Stop Frame Animation / Compositing / Edit

New World "Little Shop" 30" TVC

I have a passion for animation... and what a fun "little" campaign this was to be a part of... "Intentional dad joke".

I spent 2 day's on my hands and knees stop frame animating on 1's. (1 move for every 1 frame). There are 25 frames in 1 second of animation, the TVC was 30 seconds in length and there were 44 mini collectables. Let's do some math:

25 X 30 = 750 X 44 = 33000 moves

That's 33000 times I moved those collectables ! This is the bare minimum amount, as some shots I redid because I wasn't happy with the result.

Client: New World | Agency: 99


Food & Beverage


Directing, Editing, Stop Motion


New World


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