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Mauna Kea Branding

About Project

Roberta came to me with the name ‘Touch of Wellness’ for her new massage business, after much discussion the name ‘Mauna Kea’ came up, it was obvious to me that this was the name Roberta truly believed in. Mauna Kea is a dormant volcano on the island of Hawaii, much of Mauna Kea is below sea level making it the tallest mountain on Earth standing 10,100 m. Taller than Everest. We liked this idea and the connection with a persons health being more than skin deep. We grounded the brand name with the tagline ‘Massage for Wellbeing’. Mauna Kea is an unusual name giving Roberta the chance to share her brand story and offering. The brand is made up of a watercolour creating subtle mountain peaks. Work includes branding concepts, brand mark development, web assets, flyers and business cards.


Beauty & Personal Care


Brand Identity, Logo Design, Marketing Collateral


Mauna Kea

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