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Jordyn Thurlow

Recruitment Coordinator

Jordyn has just recently joined The Pond as our new Recruitment Coordinator after completing her Bachelor of Commerce, majoring in Human Resources at Victoria University in Wellington. Jordyn is the face for receiving top talent coming into The Pond. She screens all freelance talent who register on our website or reach out to our agents directly to ensure that they are all perfectly matched with the agent who will best understand their skills and experience, as well as where they are going in their career.

Jordyn is definitely a people person. She enjoys engaging with different types of people and loves finding out what makes them tick.

Jordyn views recruitment from this lens; “Recruitment requires patience and great listening skills. It used to be about finding the right person for the job. Now it’s about finding the right person that will do the job, love the role, and want to stay and grow within the company”.

In Jordyn’s spare time, she enjoys long walks, basking in the sunshine, and making connections over a glass of wine.


Email: [email protected]

Contact Phone Number: 027 956 3779

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Full Time Roles

  • Agency Account Director (Creative Independent)
  • Auckland
  • $120k
  • Full Time
  • Live
Are you a sharp suit playing SAM that’s looking for a bigger agency role to step into. This new Account Director position is within an Auckland agency, working alongside management where your ideas and viewpoints will be heard and valued. You’ll be working across some exciting APAC clients for, camp...
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  • Customer Experience Representative
  • Auckland
  • $35ph - $40ph
  • Freelance
  • Closed
Are you available for an immediate start and looking to make some extra cash or are you in between jobs? Are you available 5 days per week for a 6 week contract? This Automotive retailer based out by the Auckland Airport, needs call centre within their marketing team support NOW! On behalf of o...
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Posted at 12:17 09.05.2024

Need a studio freelancer?

By the time you call, we're already one step ahead. We understand you're busy, so we offer a lightning-fast, responsive service when you need talent within 48 hours.

Posted at 14:00 15.11.2023

Summer is fast approaching…looking to spend more time in the sunshine?

Look no further, take the leap and jump into freelance briefs. Spend your summer with more time in the sun, as freelance gives you more flexibility. Sound like something that you might be interested in? Flick me an email and I’ll have your new agent get in touch with you.

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