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The Worst Idea of All Time.

About Project

The Worst Idea of All Time is an award-winning podcast hosted by Kiwi comedians Tim Batt and Guy Montgomery. It’s the movie review show where the movie never changes.

In its first season, Tim & Guy watched and reviewed the 2013 Adam Sandler comedy Grown Ups 2 every week for a full calendar year.

The podcast artwork evolved out of a still frame I stumbled on from Grown Ups 2 featuring Adam Sandler; slightly hunched, at the peak of a full body laugh.

In trying to communicate the unrelenting repetition of the shows concept, I experimented with feedback loop style effects. I was fiddling around and accidentally removed Adams eyes from their sockets. Perhaps on this journey he’d do better without them. His frozen face, once a portrait of joy, now expressing the precise midpoint between hilarity and horror.

After completing 52 watches and reviews of Grown Ups 2, Tim & Guy foolishly continued to review several more films.

Adam Sandler - forever tied to the project and now the de facto mascot - was adapted to represent each subsequent season.




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Guy Montgomery and Tim Batt

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